University of General Lansana Conte

The University of General Lansana Conte is a public university in Guinea located in Sonfonia-Conakry, the capital city of Guinea. The University was founded in 2005 and was renamed after the second president of the republic of Guinea, Lansana Conte, on the 14th January, 2006. The University was built with the aim to benefit those who have been deprived of or denied the access to higher education, especially the economically weaker sections of the society, and those who discontinued their education for various reasons and wanted to continue. The University is well known for its track record of academic excellence and integrity. The University works with prestigious independent teaching institutions across the globe.

IMAT College is one of those colleges around the world that are accredited for providing teaching support for the University of General Lansana Conte. The IMAT College is in strong partnership with the University of General Lansana Conte by providing teaching assistance in their programmes for students who are not opportune to stay within the Capital of Guinea to offer their programmes.