Students Services

IMAT College is strategically located in an area-home renowned for education. The location is called Kingtom and it is absolutely comfortable for learning and it is in the central part of Freetown. However, we have outsourced the security arrangement with a reputable company that provides 24/7 security service.

For efficiency, we have outsourced a large printing area within the IMAT College campus. Our entrance is flat and very friendly. We also have projectors that we use in delivering lectures.

In an effort to provide a world-class education, we offer a range of other services to our students. The College also manages a range of high-quality student accommodation in Freetown and Conakry where students can mix with others from across the globe.

IMAT College has four lecture rooms. Lecture rooms 1 and 2 sit 30 students and lecture room 3 and 4 sit 45 students. The school uses whiteboards and projectors for LLB classrooms and blackboards for other programmes. We have adequate self-study areas for our students and we change lecture rooms settings to use as moot courts when needed.

The school presently organizes indoor games for students, cocktails and parties each semester during the organization of our public lectures.

We operate a lending library but for students, they are primarily reliant on their visual library which they access from our wireless internet on campus. IMAT College runs sessions on how to make the most of your Virtual Learning Environment during your student life with the International Programmes and make it a requirement that all students admitted to the school have personal lap tops computers or i-pads to enable them access the wireless internet connection. IMAT College offers basic computer training to a number of students who are not familiar with the use of computer.

 Student ID Cards                                                                                              

All IMAT College students are issued a photo ID card when they enroll. This card must be carried at all times when on the College premises. Students may be asked to show their card in class or when entering through reception. This procedure is part of the College’s security system and is designed to reduce the risk of unauthorized people gaining access to the buildings. If you lose your card please see Administration immediately.

Academic Advising

The Administration works one-on-one with students to provide academic advising and planning as well as guidance in selecting a life changing career pursuit. Students receive assistance scheduling classes, matching their needs and abilities with appropriate courses. Academic performance is monitored to assure that students are making sufficient progress toward degree completion.

Liesure programme

Studying at IMAT College is much more than just an academic experience. Being situated in the capital of the Republic of Sierra Leone and Guinea, you have a fantastic opportunity to experience all that these two exciting cities have to offer. IMAT leisure and cultural programme is designed to help you make the most out of your time in Freetown and Conakry whilst making new friends and visiting historical sites and tourist centers.

Some activities will require a supplementary charge but the college will do its best to keep these to a minimum. In addition IMAT College students can get discounts on various sports and recreation facilities around the two cities (Freetown and Conakry).

Student Welfare Support

Students will no doubt need help with different personal and academic issues during their studies. If you have a question or problem, it is your responsibility to ask for help as soon as you need it.

Personal tutors/ supervisors are there to give a range of academic and non-academic support. As well as talking to them about academic questions or problems, you must tell them if you are ill or have personal problems that might affect your studies. Your personal tutor will also refer to other staff /services for help with any questions and problems that he/she is not able to assist with.

Members of staff are also here to offer you career advice and help with the preparation of CVs. (Curriculum Vitae)

Opening a Bank Account

Students can open bank accounts with the numerous banks either in Freetown or Conakry. It is a good idea to talk to several banks, comparing their services and the types of accounts they have, their charges, the arrangements they have for transferring money from your country and the documents they require to open an account.